Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hills Chapel Business Card Nashville Tn

The above is our Business card for Hills Chapel Antiques. Located at 6318 Hills Chapel Road Nashville Tn. I love the sweet angel theme....since our store is a former Baptist Church. Don't think my guy pal Charlie was too crazy about it but I got him to agree. What do you think? If you love this card I will contact Bella to see if I can add her link. She does awesome whimiscal business cards.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Antique Flower GARDEN CAST IRON Flower Buckets

Anyone a lover of old Garden items?

This is one of my favorite kinds of finds ...Antique garden items. Love old Garden items!
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I love using old garden planters in my garden. I am thinking of keeping two and planting with herbs and lettuces.
I was lucky enough to find 10! From (around 1930's era) old thick oh so whimiscal twisted wrought iron flower buckets Each with old water buckets inside.

My heart went pitty pat when I saw these. Thinking of listing on my ebay site. Huge sigh, the packing will be quite a bit as they are so heavy and oversized.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My antique store in Nashville Tn

Opening an Antique Store in Nashville Tn
The old Barn oh so dark and spider filled- pictured below that started it all.

How did the Hills Chapel Antique Store start?
Above is a picture of the old barn that started it all.  Looks like a small barn is about 30 to 40 feet deep. Loaded with items from the 1900's to the 1940's.  Along with tons of spider webs,  items stored for so long it was hard to see under the layers of dust.  Plus it was a very hot oh so very hot sticky humid day.  What a treasure hunt it was! 

One of my best guy buddies Charlie and I were at an Estate Auction in middle Tennessee. There were clusters of old falling down outbuildings and this old barn on the property. He knew I would want to buy the barn out and of course I knew he wanted the barn.

The barn was stashed with items stored for over 80 years. There were WW2 radios, an Art Deco Coast Guard radio (all sold on eBay to collectors) to a rare Victorian Baking table along with old honey hives, and of course tools nuts and bolts. Overwhelming to say the least...So we went in as partners on buying the contents of the barn.  Took 3 of us over a week to load our trucks.

Some time after buying out this barn above -talking with Charlie I said  "I needto open a store open part time as I had such a stash of incredible antique/vintage items". He knew of the property and within one week we opened the Hills Chapel Antique Store in Nashville Tennessee.  Once upon a time it was a Baptist Church.

Here is a link to my web album for more items in my Nashville Store Address is 6318 Hills Chapel Road Nashville, Tn


I also sell on eBay as nostalgia*gal

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