Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Antique Farm Auction Strange Finds to fall in Love with

Do you have any strange odd, strange or super wonderful auction finds/buys? 
Here is the best thing that ever happened to me at a farm auction!

Estate auctions here in the South-quite a few of them are held on-site. Where the house, property and everything in the home is auctioned off.

One wet cold day (last spring) at a 100 year old farm estate auction, there was a very young dog running all over with excitement. You know one of those pups that are desperate to be petted/loved on.  One of those goofy pups so filled with excitement and jumping on everyone with her very icky muddy paws.  I am talking about very wet heavy clay Southern type of mud. 
Even my back side had muddy paw prints before the auction was over. 

Here she is.  She is exhausted after that long auction and the ride to her new home.  On the window seat behind my desk is where she parked herself right away.   Needless to say for the first few days we had to carry her into the house- as she was so afraid of being kicked away like her last home.  Now of course its like what me stay outside?? 
From Shiloh

Upon petting the sweetie I was horrified to feel nothing but skin and bones. She had long thick hair and you could not see the bones. The kind of starvation where you feel every bone of the back bones. Heartbreaking. Someone walked by at that moment and dropped a paper that had held their sausage biscuit.  She pounced on that grease filled paper and stated to eat the paper!   Poor baby. I travel with my own food so needless to say- my lunch went to her right away.

All though the day I watched that poor baby root through the garage cans etc.  Long story short- the farmer holding the sale said he wanted to get rid of her. She sure likes you (meaning me) "take her". I said if she is yours she is starving!! He retorted that he was not about to spend his money on feeding that dog.

Needless to say I could not leave her. My brain was saying not another dog (I already had 2 rescued dogs at home) but I followed my heart. Removed her that day (Saturday) and by Monday she was at my Vet. We thought she was about 4 months old. With my vet confirming my fears that she would not of lasted much longer.

Here she is now…almost 1 year old. A very sleek, tall leggy beauty. A real sweetheart.  Have no idea but a few guesses at to what breed of dog she is.  Border Collie mix perhaps?    In this picture she is looking up into the tree for the squirrel that drives her crazy. 
From Shiloh
Now a sleek, very longed legged beauty..her one year birthday will be this spring. 

Anyone know what breed of dog she is? 


  1. Our neighbor had a dog that looked just like yours and she was a lab and german shepard mix, she too was a rescue puppy. Yours is very sweet looking but grand at the same time.

  2. Hi Cindy. My name is Terri Smith. I'm a visual artist out of Bonaire, Georgia. Shiloh a beauty! I have two rescue pups..both of which I consider my furry children.

    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I will now be popping in now and again to see how things are with you. I'd be honored if you'd like to pop in and visit with me as well. You can find me at:

    You did a good thing by adopting Shiloh even with two other babies at home. You listened to your spirit and look how wonderful it turned out! Blessings, peace and joy-overflowing, Terri

  3. She's beautiful! Looks like some German Shepard in her too. I do love the story. I got tears in my eyes reading it. I'm so glad you took her home. Lucky you. You get to hang out with that beautiful angel. Thank you for coming by to read my animal stories. I plan to put many yummy vegetarian recipies on my blog too. One of the easiest ways to help the animals is to go Veg 2 times a week. My husband does it unwillingly, and I got a couple neighbors doing it too. Just think of all of the meat that won't sell. The Industry may just have to cut down on their animal supply. :)

  4. A german shepard perhaps! I grew up with one. They are so sweet. What a cutie.

  5. Well done you for taking him in, I don't know how people can be so cruel to defenseless animals. He is a beauty!

  6. Hi Cindy Kay,
    I remember this sweet, sweet story. How's she doing? Has she had her spring birthday yet? She's a beauty. You're lucky to have eachother.
    xo Kelly

  7. What a lucky lucky and beautiful dog. Sometimes we are just in the right place at the right time to make a difference in the life of an animal and end up giving ourselves the wonderful gift of companionship at the same time. Our big white fluffy dog Tasha is nearing the end of her life and I am not planning on adding another dog to our pack when she pases but I have a funny feeling that another dog will find me.
    This was a great story, thank you for sharing.


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