Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sicky icky and trying to Return to Junking & Selling

Gosh, I have been away from my blog for such a long time.  Forgive me dear Friend's for disappearing - I had some old health issues that raised up the last few months so I had to take the time to recover.  I admit that this time as I get older it is harder to recover quickly.

I have been off line and upon getting into my email account I was so amazed to find emails from dear fellow bloggers asking what happened to me, where was I?  Please know that I am so grateful, so grateful....that tears want to start just thinking of your thoughtfulness!

I have been Blessed that Gary and Charlie have been selling my items at the Nashville Flea market and my store that Charlie and I have.  As an update I am able to keep my flea market love going with Gary's work but Charlie and I decided the store is too much for me now.  So we will be closing up the store.    I am very Grateful to have such wonderful guy freinds/pals!   Thank you with all my heart Gary and you Charlie. 

Hope to have my strength up soon to be getting back to work.   As Being so sick is sooooo boring!   Patience I am learning...hard lesson to rest for this old gal (huge grin)
Cheers, love, blessings to you all!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Antique BED BENCH Trash to Treasure

Found another old bed no one wanted (found at Nashville's Antiques monthly Flea Market)....except me of course.  Cost $20.  I snatched it up as I make benches out of em.
BEFORE with about 80 years of dirt and dust
One of those old solid wood beds that is just about unusable nowadays as it is what is known as a three quarters size bed. Bigger than a twin but smaller than a full size bed.

Left with its old original worn paint.  For the lover of farm primitive. 
The seat area is made of different old bed slats

Now to load it take to my store as today is my day to open.
Cheers!  cindykay as nostalgia*gal

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

GIVEAWAY a FABULOUS Daphne Nicole Purse!

A darlin Gal I met sometime ago Daphne Nicole makes the best purses out of vintage fabrics Velvets (my fav) old lace, ribbon fringe, gorgeous cowhides, leather, antique lace, etc.   She is having her first giveaway to celebrate Opening her web site Daphne Nicole on line Boutique
Business is super duper slow right now with what is going on after the Historic Floods in Nashville so I spent my time at my Brick Store "HILLS CHAPEL ANTIQUES" moving and changing huge to small pieces of furniture.  I am sure anyone with a store knows and does that kind of work. 
Change one thing and you end up moving so many other items.  Heavy items, so needless to say I am so sore today.  When oh when will I learn?  .....probably never (HUGE GRIN)

So off to making another antique bed bench.  All the time wishing I made small stuff.
Cheers, Blessings PLUS Happy Selling and Hunting to fellow dealers!
cindykay as nostalgia*gal

Friday, May 7, 2010

Art Nouveau Necklace GIVEAWAY Custom Made

My gal pal Beatnheart is having an Awesome Giveaway!
You GET to CHOOSE between two Custom Made Art Nouveau necklaces.  They are truly Stunning!

 to go to her blog Beatnheart, tell her cindykay sent ya and I send hugs from Tennessee!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Antique Stores Grand Openings some Fun this Weekend

With so much tragedy (horrible flooding) going on in Nashville - I for one am so thankful for the Sun coming out and drying us out.

I am also looking forward to this weekend shopping.... a New antique store is about to have a Grand Openings in my area of Nolensville.  I could use some fun- after this past week of flooding rain. 

I am still working on Dog Tornado Training in a closet.

I have trained them to immediately come running after me with a certain call I give for a tornado about to touch down. 
Gives me some peace of mind during an emergency!  I would rather loose my stuff than my dogs.
Here is a pic....granted a terrible one... of all three of my rescued dogs in mom's (me) packed closet looking at me. 
From Shiloh

Shiloh is the pup of the bunch.  Starved by a farmer so I removed her.  I was going to try and find her a new home but fell in love with her.
Chelsea my mixed hound found me.  Someone had taken a base ball bat to her.  She recovered.  She has a sour look on her face in the picture waiting for her reward as I was making them wait.
Charlie the Maltese someone dumped, I kept him because he is such a joyful little guy.
Cheers from my family!

besides shopping....there are also great places to eat -the popular BBQ South Side Grill and a great bistro near by.  Village Antiques (Grand Opening, on Saturday the 8th), The Three French Hens, The Roost are also fantastic stores in Nolensville. 
So come on by and see me...I could use some hugs!
Cheers, cindykay as nostalgia*gal at Chapel Hills Antiques.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I feel So BLESSED today yet So Sad

I feel so blessed today.  And oddly somewhat sad and guilty as both my home and antique store in Nashville received little to no damage. 

With all the heartbreak of the floods in and around Nashville -my store and others in the quaint town of Nolensville are having a Grand Opening of a new store ROSES AND RUSTICS.....will be open for business.
My store HILLS CHAPEL ANTIQUES in Nashville will be open This Week May 6th through the 8th (Thurs, Fri, Sat.) 10am - 5pm.
and yes The roads are open to our stores. 
My shop is just before the town of Nolensville Tennessee off of Nolensville Pike. Here is a link to MapQuest to find us:
AND Jane's store
ROSES AND RUSTICS Store- as her very First...first monthly sale will be open the same hours.
From AwesomeStuff
Other antique stores around our area are Village Antiques (Grand Opening, on Saturday the 8th), The Three French Hens, and The Roost
So come spend the day down in our area as there are also great places to eat such as the popular BBQ South Side Grill  and a great bistro  near by.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Nashville and Surrounding area Flooding We are all OK

Letting everyone know that we are OK.  Our home only had slight damage from this weekends storms.  13 inches of rain in two days, never saw anything like it. 
Elect power and INTERNET was lost after a scary lightning storm.  Only flooding I had was into my converted three car garage and my stand alone garage.
I was so Blessed that was the extent of the damage along with my drive way.  My neighborhood flooded two houses down!  Along with huge downed trees. 
Here is a link from UTube that shows the major highway I 24 and the flooding. 
this link shows the house floating down the freeway and crashing from cbs news I think.
This link shows the same area Rescue of a trucker.
Gary one of my partners had gone up to Green Hills and this is his route to get back.  I called him on his cell phone and told him why he was stuck in traffic.  He had no clue.  He managed to turn around after sitting 4 hours in that backed up traffic.

With so many tornado touch downs and warnings it dawned on my that my baby Shiloh (the black dog) is new and I had not trained her as of yet- to follow me into the only safe place which is my closet.  With cookies, my camera, plus my cell phone during one of the tornado take cover warnings we went in and practiced.  Here they are are looking at what??!!   I have them sit/stay for at least 15 mins.
From Shiloh
The brown one is Chelsea, have had her for 8 years now.  A rescue dog that was beaten terrible.  The small white one is Charlie the Maltese that was dumped and made it to my house and Shiloh the black dog that I removed.  Her story is on the side page if you want to read it.

The devastation up in different area's -heart breaking and there are still rescues (people trapped in their homes) going on as I type this.  So many deaths that it is upsetting to be typing this.  We are going up tomorrow to help out with the Red Cross. 

So to my Friends and family, I am posting from my Verizon cell phone and hope to have home internet back soon.
Lots of love and hugs,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nashville Fairground Flea APRIL 2010

I woke up Monday to an email from a friend Saying " Hey ck (my nickname) someone has your Nashville Flea booth in their blog" So I check......It is none other than a popular blogger Sassytrash

Sure enough...there is mine and Charlie's booth in picture #6 and #7. HOW FUN is that?!! I loved all the extra pictures she took of other spaces as I just did not have time.
What can I say other than I was tickled to death that someone liked our booths enough to take pics!

Cheers, happy hunting and selling cindykay

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nashville Flea April Good News BAD News

Set up day on Thursday the weather here in Nashville Tn was fantastic!
Pic on setting up...

Friday the weather was Fantastic

The bad news....Today we are under a severe weather storm warning with possible Tornado's!  Whaaaa! 

The good news.....they say tomorrow (Sundays) weather will be back to awesome.   So if there is no damage back in business on Sunday. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Antique Mothers Day Motto's Stash Nashville Flea

Going into my stash barn yesterday I found some Antique/ Vintage Mothers Day Motto's.  When my mother passed on a few years ago I put them away, as memories were- at the time just too painful.  Time to let them go and with Mother's Day (May 10th) next month I am taking them to the Nashville April Flea market.  Thought I would share them with you all first.

This one is my very favorite and the oldest.  On old parchment paper with hand calligraphy
This month is the Huge Nashville Extravaganza show with dealers arriving from all over the surrounding states with Lots of antique furniture to cottage chic.

April 23,24 and the 25th.
Friday 8am-5pm No charge to get in on Fridays!   Saturday 7am-6pm    Sunday 7am-4pm
You can find me at Space #134 at the South end of shed 3. Across from the outdoor Shed #4.
Picture below from last month....starting to set up/unloading
From ChapelItems

If you are a follower of my blog of course let me know as you always receive 10% off -at my store or the flea market.
Happy hunting, cheers and Blessings!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Packin for Nashville Fairgrounds May Flea Market

What an awesome Saturday!  The sun was out and lots of customers.  Arrived early to bring fresh items into the store and Load for the upcoming Nashville Flea Market.   Ugggg to the loading BUT I love love love Flea Markets. 

Jane a wonderful fellow dealer who loves primitives stopped by my store.  She spotted a huge farm antique display cabinet we had just (20 minutes before) loaded for the Nashville show. Explained that she was opening an antique store down the road in the town of Nolenville would it be possible to see the cabinet?  Of course she can try to see it I reply (thinking oh my....that trailer is jammed and it was the first item loaded).
She decided she just had to have the cabinet for her grand opening held this May.  Wonderful old crackly alligator black paint.  If you love iron stone she has a nice stash for sale.
Her ROSES AND RUSTICS Store will be doing those wildly popular Monthly Sales. Her first monthly sale will be May 6th through the 8th (Thurs, Fri, Sat.) 10am - 5pm.
And of course my brick store Hills Chapel Antiques Store will be open those days and hours also.  So come on out and see us!! 
To find directions to my store HILLS CHAPEL ANTIQUES  Here is a link to MapQuest to find us: Mapquest 
Janes store....ROSES AND RUSTICS will be down the country road by 5 minutes or so.

OH!!  What was I loading for???  The Huge Nashville Extravaganza show with dealers arriving from all over the surrounding states
April 23,24 and the 25th.
Friday 8am-5pm No charge to get in on Fridays!
Saturday 7am-6pm
Sunday 7am-4pm
You can find me at Space #134 at the South end of shed 3. Across from the outdoor Shed #4.
If you are a follower of my blog of course let me know as you always revieve 10% off -at my store or the flea market.
Happy hunting, cheers and Blessings!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rhinestone Pearls Lamp Shade Trash to Treasure

I have always loved glitz and glam.  Since the 1970's (dating myself) I loved dressing different.  I wore my huge rhinestone broaches way back then...wore them during the day no less which was Not proper I would just laugh and wear them anyway. 

Back then I would buy broken necklace's and such and one day in the late 1990's after leaving the Restaurant Business (the Sans Souci Carmel California) I had some time on my hands and  I needed a lamp shade for a glass antique table lamp.  Ah, I have an old naked wire clamp on shade that someone was going to throw into the trash.   Here is what I came up with.  Sorta funky but I love it!

From AwesomeStuff
Here it is looking from underneath.  I just strung what ever hit my fancy keeping it to my fav purples, pinks, grays with some old Czech rock crystals.

From AwesomeStuff
Here it is closer- so you can see you just string them along, wrap when you get to the metal partitions.  I left the old white chippy paint on the wire.
From AwesomeStuff

From AwesomeStuff
Lost some of the fantastic colors when I took the picture below with a flash. 
From ChapelItems

And here it is on the old (probably 1930's era) etched glass table lamp.  Forgive me...the dust on my stash cabinet.
From ChapelItems
I think the pictures if you click you can enlarge them.

So there is my trash to very treasured story.  One of my first pieces.

Off to open my store early this morning.  The small town of Nolensville TN is having its popular Daffodil Day.  Going to be busy.
Cheers, cindykay as
From ChapelItems

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Travel to Antique Flea Markets 1972 Airstream

I am always looking for new "easier/better ways" to travel to the antique/flea Shows as I need comfort- which translates to all my favorite stuff. 

I was wondering with all the travel to shows either as a buyer or seller how Do y'all manage?

Since I am asking I'll share what I came up with.

Long ago (15 years ago) I started off  with a very temperamental OLD 19 foot motor home.  While it had all I needed and pulled all my goodies stuffed into a 12 foot trailer.  Not enough room I found out real fast.  PLUS  My transmission went out on a trip, told myself that will never happen to me again...Sooooo

I sold the old motor home ...buying the below vintage retro 1962 trailer on eBay.   Fixed it up real cute in fun retro turquoise pulled it with my long bed pickup truck. 

Stuffing items into the 12 foot camper trailer and the back end of the truck.  Drats...still too small! 

So I sold my retro aqua baby and with the profit from that work...bought myself my real dream a 1972 Airstream 25 feet long. 

Packing all the antique/vintage furniture to sell in Atlanta- such as beds, smalls and such inside the Airstream...holds tons of goodies!  Then the larger items such as dressers, tables and such on to the truck bed.  It is a 3/4 ton truck with a long bed.

Only pain in the bum - I must get the Airsteam unloaded right away. 
So far its been worth it- as I then have my own bed, my sheets and blankets (especially after watching that show on 60 minutes) refrigerator packed with food- saves a lot of money not eating out. My own bathroom.  And outfitted with a generator to work the air conditioner if I don't have an elect socket to plug into.  Must have air conditioners in the South!

Oh...and a closet large enough to take all the clothes and other stuff I might need.
OK... I am guilty of wanting it all.  I am the fist to admit I am very much Like a princess and a pea in her bed.  I won't share here the lengths I go to with my bedding. 

I am closer to having the inside finished ...Gypsy style thanks to my love of Magnolia Pearl of Texas

Below is a picture of the front sofa, under the large front window.  I sit to watch TV and read.   The colors I am using.. Aqua's, rich pinks to rich purples with some copper thrown in.   All from estate sales etc.  Working on this baby since 2009 when I bought her.   Fun!  I would put antique lace at the windows...alas my dog family travels with me, so no lace.  Here is one of my girls, Chelsea.
That iron scroll looking thing to the right is a small 1930's wrought iron chair I use for sitting at the table, when its not loaded with books. 
Need more old velvet and that fantastic vintage looped ribbon fringe I so love.  Along the lines of my sofa colors.

From AwesomeStuff
Here is a baby petite chandelier with ruby and amber French beads along with Czech cherries on the sides -going to be in the Airstream to give you an idea of the direction I am going.  I had it tagged to sell in my store...but could not bring myself to do so.  In the Airstream it goes. 
From AwesomeStuff
Here's an ick picture of the sofa that is original...not for this lover of rich satin.  I will be doing the flooring in natural cork. 

So you flea market antique show buyers or sellers- how do you manage to stay comfortable?

From My 1972 Trade Wind Airstream
cindykay as

From Blogger Pictures

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Meeting Networking Fellow Bloggers Nashville Fairground Flea Market

This past Nashville show was extra special for me as I met some awesome women that blog or have read my blog.  giving me encouragement along with some 'how to do" blogging tips - since I freely admit I am new to blogging...what a new world this is!  

I bought myself an apron...must have pockets!
I just had to have this apron as I love this happy pink with my favorite painted blue jeans.  Just so happens I was wearing those jeans that day.   I painted them long ago and call them my flea market jeans.  Love roses! 

From AwesomeStuff

I also had the pleasure of visiting with Paige from the Hodgepodge
A boutique in Clarksville, TN which I cannot wait to visit!
Paige along with ARTifacts are looking for Vendors for a special flea Markets they want to hold. 
Here is Artifacts web site..they have some incredible vintage items to swoon over!  I must make the trip over there as it looks like my kinda stuff, along with vintage brooches I crave.
I so wished I had my camera out to take pictures of time.

Here is another peak at my booth last month
From AwesomeStuff

Here is a picture of some letters made from Antique Tin Ceiling panels that I just fell in love with.  This guy makes some wonderful stuff!
From SOLDFolder
Now I must run off to open my store in Nashville. 
Happy hunting, best wishes and Blessings!
From ChapelItems

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rain along with Lots of Sun and Fun! Nashville Flea March 2010

This months Nashville Fair Grounds flea market had it all.  Along with some fabulous buys for my antique store and ok...for myself (home)  There's just too much temptation for buying at this show.   Here is one of my buys, a stunning antique amethyst pin.  The back pin is broken off so I might make myself a necklace.
From AwesomeStuff

Selling was wonderful....I came home with just about a empty trailer, keep in mind I go up with two trailers and two truck loads for sale. Empty trailers equals.... Love hearing how my customers love my stuff also! 

Here is a wonderful gal that showed up in my booth and this time I grabbed my camera as I loved the way she was dressed.  Check out that hot pink Vintage Coat and those boots!!  Made me smile!
From AwesomeStuff

She is starting up a new blog soon!   Sure to be fantastic!
From AwesomeStuff
I met so many wonderful people in person that said they had found my blog! Me...little old me with no gift of writing and just starting up blogging in December. Really made my day at the show! I had what I call Sally Fields moments ..."they liked me...they really liked me" and someone is reading. Oh my! Hugh thank you!

I was blessed to have met in person Gina...she has a Oh so Fun shop & blog
as she is set up right across from me over in Shed 4.

What a wonderful talented lady that hand-makes all of her items. After arriving home I was so bummed to realize that I forgot to buy some of her antique French writing wood clothes pins.
From AwesomeStuff

Why? Because they would of been awesome to hang my antique lace & barkcloth items for display. Or the clothes pins with sparkles shown below instead as I could use some sparkle right about now waking up this morning.
From AwesomeStuff

I know she has a etsy site- so maybe I will just order ...hope this link works... I am just too new to the blog world to know for sure how to do a link correct.

cindykay as nostalgia*gal

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