Friday, January 22, 2010

Nashville Flea Market At the Nashville Fair Grounds open 4th Weekend

Gary set up yesterday at the Nashville Flea Market.  Charlie my other partner is opening our Nashville Store today so I am heading to shop the flea market today!  A huge yippee!

Any locals that follow my blog - I will be taking Shiloh with me to the flea market for some more social training.  Give me a holler if you see us.
From Shiloh
Cheers, cindykay

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Antique Farm Auction Strange Finds to fall in Love with

Do you have any strange odd, strange or super wonderful auction finds/buys? 
Here is the best thing that ever happened to me at a farm auction!

Estate auctions here in the South-quite a few of them are held on-site. Where the house, property and everything in the home is auctioned off.

One wet cold day (last spring) at a 100 year old farm estate auction, there was a very young dog running all over with excitement. You know one of those pups that are desperate to be petted/loved on.  One of those goofy pups so filled with excitement and jumping on everyone with her very icky muddy paws.  I am talking about very wet heavy clay Southern type of mud. 
Even my back side had muddy paw prints before the auction was over. 

Here she is.  She is exhausted after that long auction and the ride to her new home.  On the window seat behind my desk is where she parked herself right away.   Needless to say for the first few days we had to carry her into the house- as she was so afraid of being kicked away like her last home.  Now of course its like what me stay outside?? 
From Shiloh

Upon petting the sweetie I was horrified to feel nothing but skin and bones. She had long thick hair and you could not see the bones. The kind of starvation where you feel every bone of the back bones. Heartbreaking. Someone walked by at that moment and dropped a paper that had held their sausage biscuit.  She pounced on that grease filled paper and stated to eat the paper!   Poor baby. I travel with my own food so needless to say- my lunch went to her right away.

All though the day I watched that poor baby root through the garage cans etc.  Long story short- the farmer holding the sale said he wanted to get rid of her. She sure likes you (meaning me) "take her". I said if she is yours she is starving!! He retorted that he was not about to spend his money on feeding that dog.

Needless to say I could not leave her. My brain was saying not another dog (I already had 2 rescued dogs at home) but I followed my heart. Removed her that day (Saturday) and by Monday she was at my Vet. We thought she was about 4 months old. With my vet confirming my fears that she would not of lasted much longer.

Here she is now…almost 1 year old. A very sleek, tall leggy beauty. A real sweetheart.  Have no idea but a few guesses at to what breed of dog she is.  Border Collie mix perhaps?    In this picture she is looking up into the tree for the squirrel that drives her crazy. 
From Shiloh
Now a sleek, very longed legged beauty..her one year birthday will be this spring. 

Anyone know what breed of dog she is? 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Nashville Antique Flea Market this Week

Flea Market this weekend.  Every 4th weekend of the month is the Nashville Flea Market at the Nashville Fair Grounds.   This month the market held:    January 21st through the 24th 2010.

My partners Gary and Charlie are of course setting up to sell at the market -as they usually do.  You will find them set up under the white canopy in  space # 134 at the South end of shed 2 & 3 across from shed 4.

Me...I go to the flea market to Shop and then on to open the store.  Yes makes for a long but wonderful day.  Love shopping at the flea market does not everyone??!  Dealers to the Nashville market arrive from all over the surrounding states.  Some with trucks and trailers piled oh so high!  Wonderful sight to my eyes! 

This time ..I will be hunting for one of my passions - Barkcloth, antique velvet and linen.  I have some antique wicker rockers at the store and I want to sew up some of my custom seat cushions for them.  I think I will do barkcoth, trimmed in velvet with a antique white linen ruffle.  Like the one in this picture below with a smaller ruffle.    Huge sigh, I am still trying to find someone to do sewing for me.  Until I find someone I will have to find the time. 

From ChapelItems

Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Fab Chandelier I just finished

Just finished working on this vintage Chandelier. Now this one I did think of using for this re-do of my home for resale over the dinning room table. BUT I am wondering just how many people would want this in a home they are buying?! Huge sigh! I think I will hang in my Nashville store...till I decide. I have the perfect place. An opening where the baptism area was. Yes you read correct I have a huge hole in the back of the store where the large deep pool was- since this store was an old Church. Fun!

Email me or please post and let me know your thoughts of using chandelier in homes for resale. I would really appreate your thoughts.
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Friday, January 8, 2010

IT is So Hard to be an Antique Dealer at times

Huge sigh! Some times it is so hard to be an antique dealer. This antique Art Deco era amethyst chandelier is so awesome its hard to put into my antique store in Nashville or on eBay,

Usually I force myself to swap out. In other words something I love the same amount in my home must go out for this chandelier to come in. With a heavy heart I keep telling myself to sell this piece as this home is for sale down the road. A home that you are going to re-sale you don't want such a piece in open houses etc.

In all the years of antiquing I have never come across a piece as magnificent as this. Even the body pieces are in amethyst with the Czech round beaded beads, the drops and the cut crystal prisms. I just finished two days of work cleaning it up, must of had 90 years of dust on it.

From ChapelItems

Anyone reading this..what are your thoughts? What do you do about swapping out items?  How do you choose? I also admit already this year I kept a petite French Beaded one. I can justify keeping that one as I am going to be putting it in my vintage Airstream camper. Here is a picture of that one.

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From ChapelItems
Some times it just hard to be an antique dealer!  When you want to keep all off your finds. 
cheers, cindykay

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