Thursday, April 8, 2010

Travel to Antique Flea Markets 1972 Airstream

I am always looking for new "easier/better ways" to travel to the antique/flea Shows as I need comfort- which translates to all my favorite stuff. 

I was wondering with all the travel to shows either as a buyer or seller how Do y'all manage?

Since I am asking I'll share what I came up with.

Long ago (15 years ago) I started off  with a very temperamental OLD 19 foot motor home.  While it had all I needed and pulled all my goodies stuffed into a 12 foot trailer.  Not enough room I found out real fast.  PLUS  My transmission went out on a trip, told myself that will never happen to me again...Sooooo

I sold the old motor home ...buying the below vintage retro 1962 trailer on eBay.   Fixed it up real cute in fun retro turquoise pulled it with my long bed pickup truck. 

Stuffing items into the 12 foot camper trailer and the back end of the truck.  Drats...still too small! 

So I sold my retro aqua baby and with the profit from that work...bought myself my real dream a 1972 Airstream 25 feet long. 

Packing all the antique/vintage furniture to sell in Atlanta- such as beds, smalls and such inside the Airstream...holds tons of goodies!  Then the larger items such as dressers, tables and such on to the truck bed.  It is a 3/4 ton truck with a long bed.

Only pain in the bum - I must get the Airsteam unloaded right away. 
So far its been worth it- as I then have my own bed, my sheets and blankets (especially after watching that show on 60 minutes) refrigerator packed with food- saves a lot of money not eating out. My own bathroom.  And outfitted with a generator to work the air conditioner if I don't have an elect socket to plug into.  Must have air conditioners in the South!

Oh...and a closet large enough to take all the clothes and other stuff I might need.
OK... I am guilty of wanting it all.  I am the fist to admit I am very much Like a princess and a pea in her bed.  I won't share here the lengths I go to with my bedding. 

I am closer to having the inside finished ...Gypsy style thanks to my love of Magnolia Pearl of Texas

Below is a picture of the front sofa, under the large front window.  I sit to watch TV and read.   The colors I am using.. Aqua's, rich pinks to rich purples with some copper thrown in.   All from estate sales etc.  Working on this baby since 2009 when I bought her.   Fun!  I would put antique lace at the windows...alas my dog family travels with me, so no lace.  Here is one of my girls, Chelsea.
That iron scroll looking thing to the right is a small 1930's wrought iron chair I use for sitting at the table, when its not loaded with books. 
Need more old velvet and that fantastic vintage looped ribbon fringe I so love.  Along the lines of my sofa colors.

From AwesomeStuff
Here is a baby petite chandelier with ruby and amber French beads along with Czech cherries on the sides -going to be in the Airstream to give you an idea of the direction I am going.  I had it tagged to sell in my store...but could not bring myself to do so.  In the Airstream it goes. 
From AwesomeStuff
Here's an ick picture of the sofa that is original...not for this lover of rich satin.  I will be doing the flooring in natural cork. 

So you flea market antique show buyers or sellers- how do you manage to stay comfortable?

From My 1972 Trade Wind Airstream
cindykay as

From Blogger Pictures


  1. My dear girl - you must email me regarding your looped ribbon trim!!! I have a WAY affordable answer to that (do you like DIY?)!!!

    I LOVE LOVE how you have the visual time line - and I am drooling over your airstream!!! How FUN is that!!! So - when are you coming to Texas? Seems to me you have it all down pat - and a girl can't HELP but love closet space and her own sheets!!!

    :-) robelyn

  2. mind is offfically blown are way to dang cool and I can hardly stand it!!!! You are a doer and goer and someone who I admire in a big ginormous way....That airstream is the ultimate and when I saw your decor...well girlfriend I am more impressed than I can say...Did you ever see pics of the trailer that the Junk Gypsies did for Miranda Lambert!!! yours will come close soul sista # your style c

  3. Hi Cindy Kay, I love your airtream, how awesome!!! It's so nice to have all the comforts of home, and another plus, Chelsea gets to go along. She is so adorable! Blessings... Daphne

  4. Oh you are living my second dream (first having the barn market near home) ... second traveling in a trailer just like yours! I'm glad you stopped by for a visit ... I'm happy to have 'found' you, too!


  5. That's easy, I stay with friends! That, or head back the same day. So I'm not much help, I'm afraid.

    Oh, and to answer your question about the belt buckle, that was a gift from Jill. She sells them, you can find out by visiting her here:

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Okay CindyKay! You're killing me! I am digging your Airstream--soooooo very jealous. I'm going to go play to the lottery. See you this weekend. Got any chandeliers with you? Did you ever find out about the one with the porcelain roses? Still have that one?


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