Friday, January 8, 2010

IT is So Hard to be an Antique Dealer at times

Huge sigh! Some times it is so hard to be an antique dealer. This antique Art Deco era amethyst chandelier is so awesome its hard to put into my antique store in Nashville or on eBay,

Usually I force myself to swap out. In other words something I love the same amount in my home must go out for this chandelier to come in. With a heavy heart I keep telling myself to sell this piece as this home is for sale down the road. A home that you are going to re-sale you don't want such a piece in open houses etc.

In all the years of antiquing I have never come across a piece as magnificent as this. Even the body pieces are in amethyst with the Czech round beaded beads, the drops and the cut crystal prisms. I just finished two days of work cleaning it up, must of had 90 years of dust on it.

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Anyone reading this..what are your thoughts? What do you do about swapping out items?  How do you choose? I also admit already this year I kept a petite French Beaded one. I can justify keeping that one as I am going to be putting it in my vintage Airstream camper. Here is a picture of that one.

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From ChapelItems
Some times it just hard to be an antique dealer!  When you want to keep all off your finds. 
cheers, cindykay


  1. Love your blog and your style, the old barn is too die for!!! And the metal green architectural bucket...LOVE it . Thank you for finding my blog and for the visit, I have new junk stuff to be posted today! Hugs, Janna

  2. That's exactly why I'm a hoarder and not a dealer! ha/ha! My attic and garage are full because if I really love it, I have a hard time parting with it but it makes it fun to find things I forgot I had.


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