Saturday, February 13, 2010

Antiques Reasons why we Collect them, Love them, buy and sell them.

Antiques & Vintage some Reasons why we Collect them, Love them, buy and sell them.

People collect antiques for many different reasons & there are a lot of different views as to why. Here a few of my thoughts & if you would please ….let me know why or how you started. Myself I am a combo of all of the below.

1. I find it interesting that in my store I have met a lot of people that love restoring old pieces, not so much so that they could sell it for more but simply because they gained satisfaction from doing so.  Here is a before picture and after picture that I thought was fun. A old iron & wood bench glider from the 1930’s a customer finished.  He was kind enough to send me before and after pictures. 
From SOLDFolder

From SOLDFolder
2. People wanting to furnish their home- look for antiques. Antiques of different time periods -different Era’s often look fantastic together to create a beautiful home. My home is a mixture of French, Italian and Cottage old farm painted items. And of course a main love of mine…chandeliers as to me they are the jewelry of the room.

3. Antique lovers who enjoy the chase more than anything. They enjoy searching through stores and antique shops all over the country searching for that specific or unusual item they been looking for. I love watching a couple enter my store and have the man or women call loudly across the room with excitement…honey I found it!  Myself I love the Thrill of the hunt.  That heart pounding moment when you spot something that makes your heart go pitty pat. 

4. During the fall I had the pleasure of meeting mother daughter shoppers in my store. They were into buying dressers and beds for their daughter’s collage dorm rooms. Feathering their daughters nest away from home is what I called it.  Here is one of my favorite beds I sold and I still Miss that bed. Huge sigh!
From SOLDFolder
Collecting vintage/antiques is a wonderful experience for many many reasons. What are yours?


  1. Hey there, Cindykay, so nice to meet you! I've been reading back thru your blog posts and wow, you have some incredible things. Just joined you as a follower also, I loved the part about trading out things from the store for personal use. Oh, I am so so bad about that. Sometimes I need to live with something for awhile before I can let it go. and sometimes it just stays permanately! I guess that's one of the perks of this business. Heaven knows I don't make much money in it. LOL.
    So glad you stopped by, I'll be back to visit. love your new blog!

  2. Hi Depra, I so loved your blog and your framed Prints I am hoping more people click to follow your blog.
    Laughing with you about changing loved items out. So darn hard to swap out loved items…and thought I would get others to comment …nope  Laughing as you and I cannot be the only ones.

  3. Beautiful things that sold, you have great taste! Hope you had a great Sunday, T


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