Tuesday, May 11, 2010

GIVEAWAY a FABULOUS Daphne Nicole Purse!

A darlin Gal I met sometime ago Daphne Nicole makes the best purses out of vintage fabrics Velvets (my fav) old lace, ribbon fringe, gorgeous cowhides, leather, antique lace, etc.   She is having her first giveaway to celebrate Opening her web site Daphne Nicole on line Boutique
Business is super duper slow right now with what is going on after the Historic Floods in Nashville so I spent my time at my Brick Store "HILLS CHAPEL ANTIQUES" moving and changing huge to small pieces of furniture.  I am sure anyone with a store knows and does that kind of work. 
Change one thing and you end up moving so many other items.  Heavy items, so needless to say I am so sore today.  When oh when will I learn?  .....probably never (HUGE GRIN)

So off to making another antique bed bench.  All the time wishing I made small stuff.
Cheers, Blessings PLUS Happy Selling and Hunting to fellow dealers!
cindykay as nostalgia*gal


  1. Hi Cindy Kay, Thank you so much for the shout out, your so sweet to do this!!! I don't have a button up yet that takes you to my website, but I do have a lady making one for me, meanwhile I just put a link to it on my giveaway post! I know what you mean about moving heaving furniture, I am really trying not to buy so much of the big pieces anymore,going more towards the smaller pieces, although the large piece's sure looks good when decorating! Hugs~~~Daphne

  2. Just stopping by to say Happy Wednesday...Wow your blog has a lot about ME!! you are so awesome lady....I luv ya ta bits...Hope things are mellowing out over there...Take care dear one~~~Cynthia

  3. i had fun visiting the antique stores you mentioned here. have a great day! verbena cottage

  4. Hi Cindy, I just love Daphne's purses, I just bought one a few days ago, what a sweetheart she is. So glad to hear you're fine and little to no damage from the storms. Your puppies are so cute in the closet, great idea to train them to do this. We live in Springfield, MO, so we get a lot of tornado warnings ourselves. Hope things get back to normal soon, take care and don't work too hard!


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