Thursday, May 13, 2010

Antique BED BENCH Trash to Treasure

Found another old bed no one wanted (found at Nashville's Antiques monthly Flea Market)....except me of course.  Cost $20.  I snatched it up as I make benches out of em.
BEFORE with about 80 years of dirt and dust
One of those old solid wood beds that is just about unusable nowadays as it is what is known as a three quarters size bed. Bigger than a twin but smaller than a full size bed.

Left with its old original worn paint.  For the lover of farm primitive. 
The seat area is made of different old bed slats

Now to load it take to my store as today is my day to open.
Cheers!  cindykay as nostalgia*gal


  1. You did a great job transforming an old bed. I'm sure it'll sell quickly. Have a great day, T

  2. Wow, what a great job you did making that bench, didn't know you where so handy with a hammer!! It looks great! Hope you have a wonderful day at the store! Blessings to you~~~Daphne

  3. wow...$20...Those benches would kill here..I would have to do my special paint job cause no one here wants"wood" anymore..How great...

  4. That's a great fix. Now if I been there, I would've fought you for that old bed. lol. I once made a nice planter for the porch out of one of them. Just cut the legs down to 4" and make it like you would the bench, only instead of covering the top for the seat, put that wood in the bottom so the dirt stays in.

    I might pop in your shop pretty soon. I'm itching to get up there and see it.

  5. i love what you did with this! i put another totem on my blog today if you want to take a look. i will post a step by step either tomorrow or the next day.

  6. Love this piece Cindykay!! I'm sure it will sell! Thanks for your sweet comment! He is doing sooo good... I'm just amazed! He is such a good dog!

    Have a great day!!

  7. Love that bench!
    Was the front curvy piece/skirt part of the original bed? or...something you had lying around and painted to match?

    Great job.

  8. Girl! Load that stinker up and bring it to the single-wide! Then, I'll fix us some coffee and call from some delivery food - then we'll go junkin' - then we'll sit back on the bench... days. It could take days!!!

    I hope you have had a fantastical GREAT day today!!!


    p.s. I like the bench... just in case I didn't get that across...

  9. Adding this info as Casual asked about the front piece.
    The front is original to the bed- its one of the bed side rails. Laughing as now I realize I should have had the side rails in my pics.
    I cut one side rail to fit the front of the bench. That side rail I made sure to have one curve.

    Then the other side rail I sawed off the detail (curvy part) very careful to match the other side and attached. I was super careful with the cut as I did not want to paint this one. A bit of brown stain at the cut line- and then waxed the whole thing including the old extra bed rails for the seat area.

    Huge thank you all for liken my bed-bench!

  10. what an amazing transformation!
    I would SO buy one of those fabulous benches from you!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Hi Cindy Kay,
    This is the most amazing creation! That bed made a perfect bench! Oooo, so wonderful.
    I'm finally going to put my location up. Now that a few people have asked. Sorry you had to go looking for it. I'm in Columbia, SC. My shop/space is in "Almost Antiques" mall.
    I wish I lived near all of your cool finds!

  12. How beautiful! Loving that chippy paint, too!

    You always have the most beautiful things.


  13. Hi Cindy,your blog and job transforming are beautiful.I´from Argentina.Sorry form my english,please.Adios!!

  14. Hi Cindy, miss you hope all is oka!!!


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