Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I feel So BLESSED today yet So Sad

I feel so blessed today.  And oddly somewhat sad and guilty as both my home and antique store in Nashville received little to no damage. 

With all the heartbreak of the floods in and around Nashville -my store and others in the quaint town of Nolensville are having a Grand Opening of a new store ROSES AND RUSTICS.....will be open for business.
My store HILLS CHAPEL ANTIQUES in Nashville will be open This Week May 6th through the 8th (Thurs, Fri, Sat.) 10am - 5pm.
and yes The roads are open to our stores. 
My shop is just before the town of Nolensville Tennessee off of Nolensville Pike. Here is a link to MapQuest to find us:
AND Jane's store
ROSES AND RUSTICS Store- as her very First...first monthly sale will be open the same hours.
From AwesomeStuff
Other antique stores around our area are Village Antiques (Grand Opening, on Saturday the 8th), The Three French Hens, and The Roost
So come spend the day down in our area as there are also great places to eat such as the popular BBQ South Side Grill  and a great bistro  near by.


  1. The destruction from this flood is unbelievable! We don't usually have these kind of events around here so this is so shocking. My Uncle lives on Sawyer Brown road and his house was destroyed and he lost everything. Its all so sad. I'm so happy to hear your home and store made it through the storm. ~hugs~ Angela

  2. thanks for stopping by my sad blog today. i woke up today with a bit of dread. i am venturing out some today to check on the's not looking good. i live near bellevue...we were hit so hard in this area. i fear the national media has not picked up on our plight due to bomb scare and oil spill. sorry, i'm leaving such a bleak comment. things will get better soon. i look forward to following your blog and visiting your stores. i recognize your booth at the flea market! it's a small world :0)

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog. i signed on to follow you too! i feel so bad about nashville. i love your town!

  4. So Sorry to hear all of heart goes out to you all...Thanks goodness you all are ok...Cynthia

  5. Sweet glad to learn your home, babies, and new store were spared. Praise God! Such sadness all around you, it reminds me of the Macon, Georgia Flood we experienced in 1994. It took the spirits of 18 and will forever be etched in our memories.

    My husband and I lived in Macon from 92-95, and when the flood waters hit..we, along with many others lost much in the way of possessions. What we didn't lose however, was any of our loved ones, so we count ourselves blessed blessed and blessed again!

    The one thing I remember most during that time, was the clean-up. Piles of memories lay stacked along the sidewalks of Macon..the smell of mold and decay. I know it sounds graphic, but I know precisely what lies ahead for my beloved Tennessee neighbors. I was born in Memphis, and lived there until I was eight. Still love this beautiful state with all my heart and pray for all who have been affected by this event.

    The closet photo tore me up! I copied it and plan to print it. You have the sweetest spirit Miss Cindy..and I have such an affinity for you not only because of it, but also because you love and care for the helpless in the same way I do. I have two rescue babies and love them dearly.

    Sorry to have gotten so carried away in writing's just that so many memories are resurfacing due to this current event. I'm just so happy you and your loved ones were spared. Another THANK YOU LORD going up to HEAVEN!

    Blessings, Love & Friendship, Terri

  6. So glad you didn't get too much damage!! I just can't believe it. My hubby and I kept saying the whole time... "Nashville is still getting rain!"... it just seemed like that mass stayed over Nashville forever! Glad you are OK Cindy Kay!

  7. Cindy, I'm so glad you found my blog Rustique Gallery and now I've found you. I think we love the same things, judging from the pictures of your booth and all. I wished I could visit-I'll have to plan a trip south one day! Meanwhile I hope your recovery is safe and quick. Mother Nature can whack us, that's for sure! My heart goes out to everyone who suffered through this siege. I'll be back to visit soon.


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